Our company has a stable number of about 30 subjects between
which our “famous” Varenne, splendid stallion bred Sardinian.
The majority of donkeys breeding has Sorcino gray coat, the
height at the withers of 100/110 cm. and themweight not over
150 kg. Gestation lasts 12 donkey months on average, but in
many cases can reach 380 days and sometimes overcome them.
The donkey gives birth to a single foal, and our births are
concentrated mainly in the spring. After about 1 hour after
birth the foal is already on his feet and his weaning is much
easier when it is free of attend the pasture to the result of
the mother. This is what going on in our company where animals
are reared free stable throughout the year. We have males and
females of all ages for sale and we offer free advice for the
breeding of the same.

The donkey

Quadruped strong, the donkey took part in the history of the great civilizations of the Mediterranean and Asia, then spread to Europe and the New World. Great European producer of subjects very beautiful and sought after, Italy has witnessed in the last century, their slow, inevitable decline in numbers. The reasons are well known and range from the mechanization of agriculture in the exodus from the countryside to a new citizen welfare. However, this animal is able to survive in the modern society due to its status as a worker generous, ready to a variety of services for the owner who soon learns to love when it is not abused; knows how to work on the plains and in the mountains, lets ride and load in the soma and in many cases acts as a consummate pet. This versatility and the historical link with the Italian peasant led us to create one of the first stupidity in our province. In a world where superficiality and haste away from the essence of life, the airline or travel with a donkey allow you to learn to enjoy the taste of slow, because “the real journey is not to know new landscapes, but in ‘ to understand them in having new eyes “